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Hello my name is Kevin, and I've heard that millions of people are using online dating services to find dates, friends, lovers, wifes, husbands, whatever a person desires there are more than likely hundreds of sites for any persons taste or wishes. I've decided to create a number of blogs to assist individuals as they participate in the dating game. I have tried many dating sites, chat rooms looking for dates, so I know how it goes. So here's a little help to all the singles out there.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Boob Fondling the New Dating Service Ad Tactic.

You know, we were gonna screen capture this ourselves the other day while we were trolling MySpace for the latest batch of fake/marketer profiles but, well, there's a lot of distractions on MySpace including this True dating service ad. Yes, their ads have always featured barely dressed hotties staring desirously out at you but they might be pushing the limit here with this ad featuring a woman fondling her own breast. What's next, some seductive crotch grabbing? Not that we're complaining or anything.....


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